HG Blog: Wayshowers and the privilige of having a human body

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience” I would like to merge in: We are BOTH human and soul and we need to honour both. It’s not either/or, it’s AND/AND. How to live a fully expressed life on earth? How to live from the perspective of Oneness? How to ground our spiritual experiences, knowing, mission in our daily life?

Soul and human meet at the heart centre. Our human bodies are made of Earth, of matter, of the same stuff as mother Earth. We are not different or separate from Her, we ARE her. We are moving particles of Mother Earth, always connected, even if we think we are not. AND we are Star Beings, made of Light and Energy. We remain after we die, we move on to other realms.

But NOW we are here, both human and soul. How can we honour both? How can we live Heart Conscious lives? How can we fully enjoy being incarnated in a human body while remaining fully aware that we are soul beings? That’s the transformation we are in as humankind, remembering that we are so much more than ‘just’ human.

For the ones who know that already, the light workers, the star beings, the shaman’s, the ancient wisdom keepers, the initiates, the challenge right now is to shift from seeing incarnation as difficult, hard, less than Light, ‘necessary for my mission’ to seeing the privilege of having a body. The pleasures of it, the playfulness of it, the bliss of the senses, the privilege of experiencing this Great Transformation while being one of the key players on the field. The time of suffering is over. Enjoy each breath in the body, enjoy your physical senses. It all starts with a paradigm switch from ‘burden of incarnation’ to ‘bliss of incarnation’.

We can start creating from the future now. We can really leave our past behind, let it dissolve. Let yourself heal now, all the incoming Light and energies that flood our planet right now are here to help you. Personal and spiritual growth don’t have to be difficult any more. Unless we keep being addicted to our wounds, which can be tempting, as we have been stuck with them for millennia. It can be hard at first to reach out for joy, pleasure, abundance as ways of growing. It’s weird and scary for the contracted parts to let go of the wounds, as it will lead you to expansion, potentiallity, void. It can be hard to let go of victimhood, of the identity of the tortured, killed, massacred lightworker.

Can we really move into the new era, as way showers? Can we really create a new earth filled with Love, Light, Truth, Justice, Harmony, Beauty? Can we reach out for that, letting behind all scepsis, toughness, we/them thinking. Can we stop moaning that the majority of people is not ready, that the masses are not yet there where we would like them to be and start living in full Heart Conciousness and create from that?

We can radiate and magnetize all qualities we would like to see in humanity and the world. We can already start living from Oneness, including EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

We can already start living from Joy, Peace, Harmony, Love. All these energies are very contagious, so we will spread them by embodying them, being them, breathing them. And enjoying ourselves in the meantime 😊.

In Love,


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